Pokemon Reborn fully working on android The Mod Market

This franchise was also one of the most popular ROM of Nintendo’s Gameboy console. It’s amazing story and gameplay will force you to play it for hours. Who else can forget Dr. Mario when it comes to Gameboy games. A growing collection of GameBoy/Color/Advanced ROM patches for Batteryless saves on bootleg carts. These are NOT […]

My Boy vs John Gba: Which Is Better GBA Emulator For Android?

Thankfully, with Android in my pocket almost all the time, I got to play Gameboy Advance games on Android quite easily. I have already written an emulator list for Android and this article is just an extension of it. This article will be explaining the process of getting GBA soccer games games on your Android […]

Rom Hacking and Retro Gaming

There’s a free version, John GBA Lite, that you can use to test how well the emulator works on your device. John GBA can take over John GBA Lite data, allowing you to continue from where you left. Look out for these issues because they may affect your gameplay experience and check whether they can […]